Magnifying glass on those who left Scotland for Spain

Mike Arnott, IBMT Scotland Secretary, reviews ‘Scots and the Spanish Civil War: Solidarity Activism and Humanitarianism’ by Fraser Raeburn (Edinburgh University Press, 2020). This review was originally published in ¡No Pasarán! 1-2022. Dr Fraser Raeburn will be speaking at the IBMT’s annual Len Crome Memorial Conference 2022, on Saturday 19 March at the University of […]

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Reynold’s News and the Spanish Civil War

Writer David Ebsworth spotlights some of the coverage of the Spanish Civil War in the pages of Reynold’s News, a popular progressive Sunday newspaper in wide circulation at the time. Ebsworth is author of the Jack Telford trilogy, a thriller series about a British journalist embroiled in the war in Spain and its aftermath. This […]

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Manchester marks the Battle of Jarama

The IBMT-affiliated North West International Brigade Memorial Group held its annual commemoration of the Battle of Jarama at Manchester Central Library on Saturday 12 February.

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A short biography of International Brigader Bert Maskey

David Mason has written a biography of his grandfather, YCL organiser and International Brigader Bert Maskey (or 'Masky') (1893-1937). The work is based on extensive research and scans of letters, photographs and other primary sources have been compiled in the document. A PDF copy of the biography is available to read here, and introductory excerpts […]

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Commemoration for Manchester Brigader Tommy Moore

The North West International Brigade Memorial Group held a commemoration to remember Thomas ‘Tommy’ Moore, a Manchester volunteer who was killed in action in Spain on 24 January 1938, aged 22.

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Tarancón memorial to Republicans and Scottish volunteers renovated

A memorial in the Castilian town of Tarancón, dedicated to Republicans killed during Franco’s repression and Scottish International Brigaders who fell during the civil war, has this January been restored with new plaques.

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New issue of IBMT magazine out now, marking 85 years since the Battle of Jarama

Issue 1-2022 of the IBMT magazine ¡No Pasaran! went out to members last week. The cover story reflects on the 85th anniversary of the Battle of Jarama.

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Leah Manning and the women who helped rescue Basque children

Women played key roles in the Aid Spain movement, which counts the evacuation of nearly 4,000 Basque children to Britain in May 1937 as perhaps its greatest achievement. Sarah Lonsdale, senior lecturer at City University of London, highlights the contributions of three women who made it possible.

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New Year message from our President

A message of thanks from IBMT President Marlene Sidaway to all of our members who have continued to support our work during the past year.

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'Negative' comments on individual volunteers

IBMT Trustees discussed the matter of 'negative' comments about International Brigaders in the volunteers' database and agreed on a warning note as well as a call for more up to date and positive information about volunteers.

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A quiet sector of a quiet front: Remembering John Cornford on the 85th anniversary of his death

This month marks the 85th anniversary of the death of communist, poet and International Brigader John Cornford. IBMT member Harry Denton writes about Cornford’s life and untimely death and provides a poem in tribute.

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An international war raging on Spanish soil

85 years ago this month, on 11 December 1936, Spain’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Julio Álvarez del Vayo appealed to the League of Nations in Geneva for military aid to preserve the Republic from Franco’s fascist rebellion.

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