The Brigaders Return: Oldham

Robbie MacDonald reports from last December's event in Oldham to mark the 85th anniversary of the return of the Brigaders, which featured the 40-minute film 'The Brigaders Return!' by IBMT Film Coordinator Marshall Mateer. Eighty-five years on. But the sacrifices of British volunteers in the Spanish Civil War still inspire the fight for democracy against the forces […]

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Irish women and the Spanish Republic

Lynda Walker writes… Few Irish women volunteered to go to Spain. This is in contrast to the First World War, when thousands volunteered.  At that time the British government had to set up a special fund for the women who were stranded on railway stations and ferry terminals making their way to the field hospitals […]

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The Brigaders Return: Newhaven

Mike Anderson reports on the commemoration held in Newhaven last December to mark the 85th anniversary of the British Battalion's return from Spain. The International Brigades were men and women from over fifty nations who fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), defending the elected Republican Government against General Franco's rebels and his military backers Hitler and […]

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Tommy Moore remembered

Robert Hargreaves on Manchester volunteer Thomas ‘Tommy’ Moore … It's comforting to think that Tommy Moore’s 22nd birthday on Boxing Day, 1937 was, in all probability, a happy one – although it was to be his last. As a member of the XV International Brigade, fighting against fascism in the Spanish Civil War, he was […]

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Madrid suspends plans to build over mass grave site

An international outcry has forced the Madrid city authorities to freeze plans to build a large rubbish depot on top of the unmarked graves of British and other international volunteers who fought against Franco in the Spanish Civil War. Among those believed to be buried there is the poet Julian Bell, a nephew of Virginia […]

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January issue of IBMT magazine out to members

Cover: Sean Cooney, member of folk trio The Young'uns. Issue 1-2024 of the IBMT digital magazine, ¡No Pasaran!, has gone out to all paid-up members by email. On the cover is Sean Cooney, member of folk trio The Young'uns, on stage at the IBMT’s Annual General Meeting last October in Stockton-on-Tees. Behind him is an […]

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IBMT decides not to pursue plans for a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum

Statement by the Executive Committee By seven votes to three, IBMT Trustees have declined a proposal to apply for a memorial for the volunteers who went to Spain at the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) in Staffordshire. This was a difficult decision, with persuasive and sincerely held opinions for and against the idea debated by the […]

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Debates in the Commons

Courtesy of John McDonnell MP and the House of Commons Library, listed below are debates and mentions of the Spanish Civil War and International Brigades in Hansard, the official report of parliamentary debates.  It’s not necessarily an an exhaustive listing of all mentions in Hansard. For further detailed research, use the search field in Hansard. […]

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Tschapaiew: the battalion of 21 nations

Nancy Phillips writes… It was at the Battle of Jarama commemoration of 2022 that I first heard about a battalion of the Dombrowski Brigade that was composed of Brigaders from 21 nations. I was floored. Here was a battalion of the International Brigades that actually embodied its international ideals. Could such a battalion actually have […]

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IBMT President's New Year message

Marlene Sidaway is pictured second from left above at the 2023 Burston Strike School Rally with IBMT volunteer Beth Richards (left) and (from right) IBMT Archivist Alan Llloyd and IBMT Secretary Megan Dobney. She writes … As we enter our 22nd year as a registered charity, it’s worth looking at the solid foundations we’ve laid […]

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Harry Dobson memorial weekend

Pauline Fraser reports from the Harry Dobson memorial weekend in Spain on 23 and 24 September 2023. In the bright sunshine of a warm September morning, Ray Gleeson, nephew of Welsh Brigader Harry Dobson, unveiled a memorial to his uncle, Harry Dobson, a Welsh miner from the Rhondda, born 9 August 1907. On the plaque, […]

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A plaque for the East Kent volunteers

Local history schoolteacher Tom Millard was the project coordinator for the new plaque to the International Brigade volunteers from the Dover area. Here he describes the aims and success of the project. Over 90 years ago, hundreds of volunteers left from Dover to join the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. Around […]

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