Bob Doyle: We face the same enemies today

For young people today the International Brigades may seem like part of distant history. But the problems faced by the Brigaders – 40,000 from all over the world – are still with us. This is a key reason why the IBMT exists today. Dublin-born volunteer Bob Doyle (1910-2009), who lived and worked most of his […]

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Remember Jarama

Programme for the 2024 Battle of Jarama commemoration organised by the Madrid-based Association of Friends of the International Brigades (AABI), including the unveiling of a memorial to the British volunteers. Please note that the programme has been updated since publication. For information about tickets and bookings, contact AABI directly. If you plan to attend all […]

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Alarm over plans for refuse centre to be built over remains of International Brigaders

Opposition led by the Madrid-based Association of Friends of the International Brigades (AABI) The municipal authorities in Madrid, which is run by the right-wing PP party, want to install a large rubbish depot right at the back of the wall of the cemetery of Fuencarral, where the AABI suspects that the bodies of International Brigaders were […]

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Back to London and on to Ireland

From 5 to 12 December, events will be held around the country to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the return of the British Battalion from Spain in 1938. In this article Lynda Walker describes what happened from an Ireland perspective… 7 December marks the 85th anniversary of the return of the volunteers from Spain in […]

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Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting

Draft minutes of the IBMT’s Annual General Meeting held in the Georgian Theatre, Stockton on Tees, 7 October 2023… In attendance: Kate Armstrong, Mike Arnott, Ann Atkinson, Sharon Bailey, David Chanter, Paul Coles, Megan Dobney, Barrie Eckford, Pauline Fraser, Sheila Grey, Christopher Hall, Robert Hargreaves, Hilary Jones, Jim Jump, Sean Kettle, Denis Lenihan, Alan Lloyd, […]

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'You are history. You are legend'

Eighty-five years ago, Dolores Ibárruri, La Pasionaria, said farewell to the International Brigades at a parade in Barcelona on 28 October 1938

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‘Spain is an unsung song’

by Veljko Vlahović With thanks to Georgia Weaver and Ray Hoff for suggesting and providing this extract from Veljko Vlahović's ‘Spanija, 1936-1939’… Spain is not just a piece of time in the lives of those who fought on its soil. Spain is neither a random storm of history, nor its caprice. It is neither a […]

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Spain in the European civil war: online conference

This year’s Len Crome Memorial Conference will be an online conversation between leading historians of the Spanish Civil War, Helen Graham and Paul Preston, with Richard Baxell in the chair. Organised by the IBMT, the free event takes place on Saturday 11 November 2023 from 2pm-3.30pm. Register here. It is generally understood that the war […]

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IBMT 2023 raffle winners

The draw for the IBMT’s 2023 No Pasarán online raffle took place on Saturday, 7 October 2023 during the post-AGM social at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton-on-Tees. Congratulations to all the winners – their prizes are on their way! First prize – £500 cashWinner John Haywood John has generously donated his prize to the IBMT – thank […]

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The 'extraordinary' men from Teesside who went to Spain

Here's the speech given by IBMT Chair Jim Jump at the commemoration on 7 October 2023 at the memorial to the International Brigaders from Stockton-on-Tees… It’s a great honour to be able say a few words here on behalf of the IBMT during this our Annual General Meeting weekend in Stockton-on-Tees. This is a town […]

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Greetings for the IBMT's Annual General Meeting

Held in Stockton-on-Tees on Saturday 7 October 2023, the IBMT’s AGM received these messages from sister organisations… AABI – Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales We send you our fraternal greetings from Spain. The working class understood very clearly back then who was the oppressed and who was the oppressor, and they did not […]

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Honouring Teesside's Spanish Civil War heroes

Sean Cooney will be among several performers who will take part in events on the weekend of 6-8 October to remember the Teessiders who fought in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. The award-winning singer-songwriter and member of The Young'uns will sing and speak on Saturday afternoon (7 October) at the Georgian Theatre in Stockton. […]

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