AABI denounces Madrid officials over Fuencarral mass grave

Here’s an update from the Madrid-based Association of Friends of the International Brigades (AABI) on the campaign to stop Madrid City Council from building a waste recycling facility on top of a mass grave adjacent to Fuencarral cemetery (pictured above). The site is thought to contain the remains of some 451 International Brigaders, including several […]

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Refugee boys to professional players

Historian Daniel Gray draws connections between football and the Spanish Civil War, as personified by the Basque refugee children who became footballers in England. This article was published in issue 59 of ¡No pasarán! in January 2022. In October 1938, La Pasionaria described departing International Brigaders as examples of ‘the universality of democracy.’ The Basque refugee […]

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Latest issue of IBMT magazine out to members

Cover: memorial to the members of the British Battalion who died at the Battle of Jarama in 1937. Issue 2-2024 of the IBMT digital magazine, ¡No Pasaran!, has emailed all paid-up members. On the cover is the memorial to the members of the British Battalion who died at the Battle of Jarama in 1937. Behind it […]

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Survey findings ‘highly compatible’ with mass grave of Brigaders in Madrid

A Spanish newspaper is suggesting that the presence of a mass grave in Madrid containing the remains of 451 International Brigaders, including several Britons, has been confirmed. However, the Madrid authorities are being accused of sitting on the report because of its inconvenient findings. The site is next to Fuencarral cemetery, where the Madrid City […]

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Catalonia publishes details of 92 British and Irish dead

A major survey of where International Brigaders died in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War has established the names of 522 volunteers, including 86 from Britain and six from Ireland. The findings were published in May by Memòria Democràtica, the Catalan government’s historical memory agency, as part of its Alvah Bessie Programme, named after a […]

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Sussex remembers

There was a full house in Eastbourne’s Grove Theatre on 18 May for an assortment of songs, film clips and spoken word on the theme of ‘Sussex and the Spanish Civil War’. Organised by the IBMT-affiliated Sussex Brigaders Remembered and scripted by former IBMT trustees Mike Anderson and Pauline Fraser, the event attracted an audience […]

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Appeal for support to repair our national memorial

The IBMT’s national memorial and sculpture by Ian Walters is in Jubilee Gardens, near Waterloo Station in London SE1, and it needs your help! We were alerted by the Jubilee Gardens staff in December last year to damage to the grouting on the base of the memorial – it’s probably wear and tear but we […]

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Scottish TUC applauds work of IBMT

Delegates at the Scottish TUC conference in Dundee on 15-17 April voted unanimously to support a motion praising the work of the IBMT. The motion also calls on the Scottish government to promote ‘the story of International Brigades in the curriculum of our schools, colleges and universities’. This is the full text of the motion: […]

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Calls for peace on the anniversary of the bombing of Gernika

Lynda Walker of the Belfast-based International Brigade Commemoration Committee (IBCC) reports on events in Derry and Belfast on 25 and 26 April to remember the bombing of Gernika… Joe Solo and Teknopeasant were the stars of two shows that the IBCC organised in Sandinos in Derry and at the Black Box, Belfast.  The ‘Peace on […]

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To die in Uclés: a tale of two fates

Nancy Phillips tells the story of the monastery in Castile that became an International Brigade hospital and then a prison… The monastery of Uclés, now one of the most renowned cultural centres of Castilla-La Mancha, was a 500-bed hospital during the Spanish Civil War and then a prison during the post-civil war years.  During the […]

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'History we never knew we had'

Representatives of the North West International Brigade Memorial Group spoke to the Ashton History Society at the Tameside Local Studies and Archive Centre. On Wednesday 17 April 2024, Dolores Long, Graham Briggs, Stephanie Turner and Rob Hargreaves received a warm reception from the Ashton History Society at the Tameside Local Studies and Archive Centre. Left […]

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Protest over scrapping of Aragón historical memory law

The IBMT has added its name to a letter of protest to the regional government of Aragón for its decision to repeal a Law of Democratic Memory. The law allows funding for the excavation of mass graves of the victims of Franco during Spain’s civil war and the subsequent dictatorship. Aragón is run by a […]

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