The IBMT's Annual General Meeting

Like all registered UK charities, the IBMT is required to hold an annual general meeting, to elect the committe and review the previous year's business. However, the IBMT's AGM weekends are much more than a bureaucratic meeting, involving up to three days of conversation, commemoration and celebration. Since the initial AGM in Manchester in 2002, each event has been hosted in a diffferent town or city, reflecting both the wide geographical origins of the British and Irish volunteers for the Spanish Civil War in the thirties and the membership of the Trust today:

2002: Manchester

2003: Glasgow

2004: Cardiff

2005: Dublin

2006: Manchester

2007: Belfast

2008: Dundee

2009: Durham

2010: Liverpool

2011: London

2012: Newhaven

2013: Edinburgh

2014: Oxford

2015: Aberdeen

2016: Dublin

2017: Cardiff

2018: Hull

2019: London

2020: Online

2021: Southampton

2022: Manchester

2023: Stockton-on-Tees

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