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On 5 October 1985 the former Labour leader, Michael Foot, unveiled a new memorial in Jubilee Gardens, on London's South Bank. Sculpted by Ian Walters, the four and a half metre memorial evokes both defiance and protectiveness, a homage to both the Spanish Republic of 1931-1939 and the thousands of men and women from around the world who flocked to its defence during the Spanish Civil War.

The memorial became the focus for an annual commemoration by members of the International Brigade Association, which had been set up in 1939 by former members of the International Brigades and their supporters. When the International Brigade Memorial Trust was formed in 2001, incorporating the IBA and the Friends of the International Brigades, the tradition of an annual July commemoration continued. Increasisngly popular, the event, held on the first Saturday of July at 1pm, has always attracted high profile speakers from across the British Isles and beyond:

Jubilee Gardens commemoration: key speakers and performers

2002: Ken Livingstone

2003: Chris Smith MP

2004: Moe Fishman

2005: John Pilger

2006: Rodney Bickerstaffe

2007: Billy Bragg

2008: Tony Lloyd MP

2009: Robert Elms

2010: Miquel Caminal

2011: Paul Preston

2012: Ewan McLennan, Francesca Beard, Na-Mara, Paco Marín

2013: Grace Petrie, Mick Whelan, Jordi Palou-Loverdos

2014: Emilio Silva, Helen Graham, Maddy Carty, Na-Mara

2015: Owen Jones, Francesca Beard, Carmen Negrín, Karl Lewkowicz, Na-Mara

2016: Maxine Peake, Perro Lobo (David Merino), Rodney Bickerstaffe, Paul Preston, Na-Mara

2017: Tosh Macdonald, Len McCluskey, Herminio Martínez, Na-Mara, Maddy Carty

2018: Jon Trickett MP, Yolanda Vázquez, Na-Mara

2019: Mick Cash, Na-Mara

2020: Jeremy Corbyn MP

2021: Ronan Burtenshaw, Thelma Ruby (Frye)

2022: Elizabeth Estensen, Carmen Kilner, Alex Gordon, Na-Mara

2023: Nancy Wallach, Claude Desmazure, Peter Crome, Na-Mara

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