75 years ago: Farewell to the International Brigades

  75 years ago, on 28 October 1938, Dolores Ibárruri (“La Pasionaria”) thanked the International Brigades with these words at their farewell parade in Barcelona… It is very difficult to say a few words in farewell to the heroes of the International Brigades, because of what they are and what they represent. A feeling of […]

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IBMT's AGM weekend in Edinburgh

Gordon Munro (on left of the International Brigade memorial) addresses the meeting in East Princes Street Gardens. Daniel Gray (on right of the memorial) looks on.   NB: Download the draft minutes of the 2013 Annual General Meeting below.   IBMT's AGM weekend in Edinburgh The IBMT’s Annual General Meeting in Edinburgh on 12 October […]

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Last men standing

  According to the latest information of the AABI (Spanish International Brigades friendship group), there are nine, possibly ten, International Brigaders still alive.    They are:   Joseph Almudéver (France) Delmer Berg (US) César Covo (France)  Karel Dufek* (Czech Republic) Stanley Hilton** (Great Britain) Gert Hoffman (Austria) John Hovan (US) Hans Landauer (Austria) Juan Miguel de […]

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My granddad and the Spanish Civil War

Speech given by Gideon Long on 24 September 2013 at the site of the last stand of the British Battalion, near Corbera d’Ebre on 23 September 1938… I’m the grandson of Sam Wild, the commander of the British Battalion during the Battle of the Ebro. I never spoke to my granddad much about Spain – […]

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IBMT plaque at Corbera d'Ebre

A plaque to the British Battalion’s last stand near Corbera d’Ebre in September 1938 was unveiled on 24 September 2013 by family members of those who took part in the fighting. A slideshow of photos of the event can be viewed here: The plaque stands next to the old church of Corbera d‘Ebre, which […]

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Concert for the International Brigades: Logroño, 30 April 2013   Some highlights of the Concert for the International Brigades held in the Municipal Auditorium of Logroño, capital of the Rioja region of northern Spain, on 30 April 2013. Co-sponsored by the IBMT, the concert featured the Spanish and British musicians who played at the IBMT's annual commemoration in London’s Jubilee Gardens in […]

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Memorial to be unveiled on 75th anniversary of withdrawal of International Brigade volunteers

  The last stand of the British Battalion in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39 will be remembered on Tuesday 24 September 2013 with the unveiling of a memorial in the village close to where the final day’s action took place exactly 75 years ago. The ceremony will be held at 12 noon in Corbera […]

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IBMT 2013 commemoration video

  A 25-minute video by Marshall Mateer of the IBMT Annual Commemoration at the International Brigade memorial in Jubilee Gardens, London, on 6 July is now on the IBMTnews channel on YouTube.       This year is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Ebro, which was fought mainly in Catalonia, and a strong […]

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¡No Pasarán! A Night to Remember: 7 December 2013

  Tickets are now on sale for a gala evening to mark the 75th anniversary of the return of the British Battalion from Spain. The event will take place at the Rich Mix arts centre in London, along with other activities earlier in the day on Saturday 7 December 2013 – 75 years to the […]

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Save the Madrid memorial to the International Brigades

  A motion in the House of Commons is calling on the British government to intervene with the Spanish government about the threat to the International Brigade memorial in Madrid (pictured).  The motion has 56 signatures: 45 Labour MPs, five Liberal Democrats, three Plaid Cymru and one Conservative, Respect and SNP apiece. A similar-worded motion […]

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Reinstatement of Notts information board

Pictured: Cllr Alan Rhodes, leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, and Cllr John Allin, Chair of the Council, lay a wreath in honour of the Notts men who died in Spain and all the others who fought against Fascism. Speech by IBMT President Marlene Sidaway at the ceremony to reinstate the information board next to the […]

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Photos from Jubilee Gardens 2013

Slideshow of photos by Guy Smallman of the IBMT's annual commemoration in Jubilee Gardens, London, on 6 July:

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