Other name: 'Billie'
Place of birth: Oldham, Lancs.
Year of birth: 1st February 1915
Political organisation: YCL & CP '31
Occupation: Market Trader/Salesman
Date of arrival: 16th May 1937
Brigade ID: 1063
Date of departure:
Date of death: 3rd April 1938
Where killed: Gandesa
Comments: Address given as; 38, Jackson Street, Lees Road, Oldham. Within the British Battalion, he was a first aider, ambulance driver and stretcher bearer, with the nickname of 'Doc'.
Source: RGASPI 545/6/91/111 & 545/6/98/6 & 545/6/153/10-11. "The Oldham Men Who Fought in Spain" by Oldnam Local Interest Centre 1986.
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