Other name:
Place of birth: Liverpool, England
Year of birth: 27th September 1903
Political organisation: CP & IRC & IRA 1918-23
Occupation: Labourer
Date of arrival: 21st January 1937
Brigade ID: 352
Date of departure:
Date of death: 4th September 1937
Where killed: Died in hospital from wounds sustained at Purburrel Hill, Quinto
Comments: Took part in the Irish Civil War on the side of the IRA, was wounded and taken prisoner. Spent 17 months in internment. Emigrated to England afterwards and joined a Welsh regiment of the British Army, which he left after four years with the rank of sergeant. Said to have smuggled out arms to the IRA. For a while he worked as a miner at Gorseinon near Swansea. In the early 1930s Daly was training officer in the Wexford Brigade of the IRA. Unemployed, emigrated to England again and worked for Wimpey builders in Hammersmith. Address given as; Killabeg, Enniscorthy, Wexford. Arrived in Spain from the UK, and wounded 12.02.1937 in the hip at Jarama. Discharged himself after one month in hospital. Returned to the base and was commissioned lieutenant. He then served in the 20th Battalion of the 86th Brigade from March 1937 in Pozoblanco, where he was again wounded in the hip at Chimora. Attended OTS with Paddy O’Daire in July 1937. On the eve of the Aragon campaign promoted to captain and made O.C. of the British Battalion 12.08.1937. He was wounded in the stomach when attacking Purburrell hill outside Quinto 25.08.1937 and died 05.09.1937 in hospital in Benicasim. A memorial to his honour was unveiled at Monageer, Co. Wexford, 03.09.2011.
Source: IBA Box 21 File A & D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/6/40/104 & 545/6/89/5 & 545/6/91/66 & 545/6/122/8. New Ross Standard - 3 December 1937 P3.
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