John "Jack"
Other name: Frederick
Place of birth: Bletchingley, Surrey, England
Year of birth: Jan-Feb 1909
Political organisation: CP '32
Occupation: Chauffer/Ran a boot repair depot
Date of arrival: 26th December 1936
Brigade ID: 344
Date of departure:
Date of death: 27th February 1937
Where killed: Jarama
Comments: Lived in Canada for five years. Led a strike at Britannia copper mine and deported.(JM) Lodged in Gospall Street, and ran his shop in Mere Road, Leicester. Address given as; 96, Old Hill, Callow End, Worcester. (Family still residing here in 1939). Wounded 15/2/37. Possibly died of his wounds. Not to be confused with John Watson 1764 from Aberdeen.
Source: IBA Box 21 File A & IBA Box D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/6/40/119 & 545/6/89/84 & 545/6/91/65. Leicester Evening Mail - 30 January 1937 pi. Leicester Evening Mail, 16 December 1937 p1.
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