Musical homage

Post date: 07/11/2015

Eric Cathan has written to the IBMT to say the following:


Your site has enormous family significance as well historical importance to one of my dear friends, Rafael Andía, whose uncle was shot and killed by the Franquistas more or less at the same time as his friend, Federico García Lorca. 


Rafael Andía is today one the world's most celebrated classical guitarists and, among other things, he has composed a beautiful musical “fresco” in homage to those who gave their lives for this cause. It is entitled “Inmemorial”.


Here are the links. IBMT members may hear in this work the powerful emotion and homage that only music (and art) can convey to the fullest:






Feel free to place the videos in your site, should you wish to. Rafael Andía would be delighted, as it would reinforce the beautiful feeling of remembrance on your site.  

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