Brigadista Ale launch

Post date: 13/05/2016

By Louise Walker of Blackhill Brewery
From her blog at

The launch of Brigadista Ale was a huge day for us. When we were approached to make Brigadista, we thought it would be a small one-off brew, but were delighted to help, we had no idea what it was about to become and people would be so interested. 

We're a tiny micobrewery in County Durham. This is a special commemoration and justly deserved, a huge up.

But to say the last couple of weeks have had a few downs… Our hours have been ridiculous, so much so Chris was seriously considering sleeping at the brewery. The work has been bad enough, but chasing bottles you thought would be done, and then malt arriving over a week late, are certainly downs. Not sure Chris will be relishing the idea of a back-to-back brew. The Cardiff pre launch went well and feed-back was good, another up.

When we started I knew little about the Spanich Civil War, but have learnt a lot and find it totally fascinating, and when I finally get a few days will read more. 

The brewery and us are working to full capacity and none of this would be possible without amazing support from families and the person that asked us to brew it; so much so, I'll probably miss his daily barrage of texts, yet another up.

The challenges we are dealing with are nothing compared to the brave men and women we are commemorating, and the pride we feel is yet another up. 

So thank you to those that gave us the opportunity, and when you find it, raise a glass and think of those that gave their lives for freedom.

No pasarán!

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