William "Bill"
Other name:
Place of birth: County Antrim
Year of birth: 1896 or 1901
Political organisation: CPI
Occupation: Street dealer
Date of arrival: 23rd December 1936
Brigade ID: 764
Date of departure:
Date of death: 23rd February 1937
Where killed: Jarama
Comments: Address given as; 31, Bradford Street, Belfast. His apparent WWI experience led to his being made commander of the No. 1 Company, Abraham Lincoln Battalion. One report states that on Feb. 23 they charged enemy positions and within minutes heavy gunfire had killed 147. Bill Henry died at Pingarron Heights when hit in the head by an explosive bullet.
Source: IBA Box 21 File A & Box D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/6/91/92 & 545/6/40/107 Belfast News-Letter - 10 April 1937 p7 Belfast Telegraph - 27 April 1937 p6
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