Other name: Ignatius
Place of birth: Chapel Hill, Lisburn, Antrim, Northern Ireland
Year of birth: 1st November 1909
Political organisation: CP
Occupation: Soldier
Date of arrival: 30th November 1936
Brigade ID: Not issued
Date of departure: October 1937
Date of death: 1982 - Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Where killed:
Comments: He joined the Royal Artillery in 1934 and served until 1936. Took part in hunger marches. Left for Spain in a group which included George Nathan. Fought in the battles of Lopera, Las Rozas, Jarama and Brunete. With No. 1 Company, 14th IB & British Bn, 15th IB. Repatriated. WW2 rejoined the RA. Discharged in 1954 as over age.
Source: RGASPI 545/6/89/59 & 545/6/966/24.
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