Marie 'Mary'
Other name: Elisabeth Jean
Place of birth: Cork, Ireland
Year of birth: 5th May 1908
Political organisation:
Occupation: Relief worker
Date of arrival: 1937
Brigade ID: LAU
Date of departure: 1939
Date of death: 9th March 2002 - Perpignan, France
Where killed:
Comments: Address given as; 80, Montfeller Road, London. Was studying at the London School of Economics. Worker with the London Ambulance Unit in Spain. Ran a children's hospital in Alicante. Escaped across the border to France in early 1939, where she settled.
Source: Mary Elmes: Saving lives and shining glory': IBMT Magazine, 1-2017, pp. 17-18 RGASPI 545/6/128/23 "Aristocrats, Adventurers and Ambulances: British Medical Units in the Spanish Civil War." by Linda Palfreeman
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