Manassah 'Sam'
Other name:
Place of birth: Cannon Street Road, Greater London
Year of birth: 19th March 1915
Political organisation: CP '34
Occupation: Student/Journalist
Date of arrival: 19th October 1936
Brigade ID: 596
Date of departure: 26th January 1939
Date of death: 2nd October 2010 - London
Where killed:
Comments: Address given as; 89, Lauriston Road, London. Member of Commune de Paris Battalion, No.1 Company 14th IB, and British Battalion, 15th International Brigade. Fought at Madrid's University City and after injury at Lopera he returned to the UK in February-March 1937 with the Jarama casualty lists. He returned to Spain in July 1937 where he formally joined the IBs. There he became a broadcaster and replaced Peter Kerrigan as correspondent for the Daily Worker, under the name Sam Russell, and CP representative in Spain. Was a journalist with the Daily Worker and Morning Star for more than 40 years.
Source: RGASPI 545/6/40/110 & 545/6/91/81 & 545/6/162/91-96. & interviews with subject
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