Other name:
Place of birth: Broughty Ferry
Year of birth: 9th June 1911
Political organisation: CP '35 & SB & C
Occupation: Baker
Date of arrival: 2nd October 1937
Brigade ID: 1338
Date of departure:
Date of death: 19th August 1938
Where killed: Hill 666, Sierra Pandols
Comments: Address given as; 224, Lochee Road, Dundee. Joined Btln in November 1937. Helped to destroy a tank with machine gun fire, after Calaceite, in April 1938. Smith's gun commander refused to withdraw under artillery fire at Gandesa and Smith was killed. According to Tom Murray, he was hit by a shell that also killed George Jackson and Charles McLeod. (IM p.318). Cabo. "Extremely loyal comrade".
Source: IBA Box D-7 File A/1, RGASPI 545/2/127/24 & 545/6/39/125 & 545/6/91/131 & 545/6/202/101-105,108. Dundee Courier 27th August 1938 p3.
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