James "Jim"
Other name: Joseph Anthony Vernon
Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Year of birth: 10th January 1914
Political organisation: CPI & NUR St Pancras
Occupation: Capston / Drill operator
Date of arrival: 12th December 1936
Brigade ID: 1015
Date of departure: 29th July 1937
Date of death: 31st May 1974 • Paddington, Greater London, England
Where killed:
Comments: Address given as; 1 ,Cambridge Street, Wigan? Irish Section of No. 1 English Company,12th battalion,14th International Brigade, on Cordoba front. Elected political delegate of Irish at Las Rozas, wounded 12.01.1937, hospital. Took part in Jarama battle and first days of Brunete battle. Attended OTS June-July 1937, said to have no capacity for military leadership. One of the Irish who voted to remain with the BB under George Nathan. Repatriated after Brunete following plea by Frank Ryan, for political reasons. WW2 RAF Tail Gunner (JM)
Source: IBA Box D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/2/54/151. 545/6/89/83 & 545/6/91/108 & 545/6/187/3-5 & 545/6/965/19. TW p. 17
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