Hercules (Heracles)
Other name:
Place of birth: Constantinople, Greece
Year of birth: 8th April 1911
Political organisation: CP '34 Literature Secretary & TGWU 1/156 Camberwell Branch
Occupation: Clerk
Date of arrival: 10th January 1937
Brigade ID: 141
Date of departure: 1937 or 1938
Date of death: July 1996 - Coydon, London
Where killed:
Comments: Gave an address at 3, Hare Court Temple, London. Battalion interpreter, spoke five languages. Officer who fought at Jarama, Brunete and Aragon. Wounded at Jarama 12th February 1937. Given a 'responsible job' on the base in September 1937 (BA p.151)."Srgt V good politically".
Source: IBA Box D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/2/60/47 & 545/6/40/99 & 545/6/89/12,80 & 545/6/90/1 & 545/6/91/52 & 545/6/95/43 & 545/6/102/48,49,51,55 & 545/6/413/51-68 & 545/6/859/17. "Spanish Thermopylae; Cypriot Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War" by Paul Philippou Strongos.
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