Other name: Ronald
Place of birth: Middlesbrough
Year of birth: 27th March 1916
Political organisation: YCL '37
Occupation: Civil servant
Date of arrival: August 1936
Brigade ID: Tom Mann Centura
Date of departure: 1st January 1937
Date of death: 19th October 2005 - Newham, Essex
Where killed:
Comments: Address given as; Longlands Cottage, Lansdowne Road, Middlesbrough. Infantryman with anti-fascist militia, Tom Mann Centuria, & Thaelmann Batallion, XIIth IB. Wounded in the foot at Cerro de los Ángeles and repatriated. In WW2 he joined the Royal Engineers in January 1940 and took part in the Normandy landings on D-Day. He also helped to liberate the Belsen Concentration Camp. 1939 living at Wicklow, Middlesbrough. After the war returned to work for the Ministry of Labour in Middlesbrough. In 1950 he became secretary of the Middlesbrough Trades Union Club. According to Paul Preston: "By now an accomplished carpenter and with a range of building skills, he (Marshall) planned and, with the help of volunteer labour, built a hall holding 500 people with a stage for weekly dances, concerts, film shows and lectures." In 1961, he resigned from the Ministry of Labour and moved to London where he worked as a carpenter with the Theatre Workshop under Joan Littlewood. Marshall is also the author of The Tilting Planet (2005).
Source: RGASPI 545/6/168/21. Interviews with the subject. Cleveland Standard - 30 January 1937 p7
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