Other name: John Harper
Place of birth: Hendon, Middlesex.
Year of birth: 2nd February 1913
Political organisation: None
Occupation: Journalist
Date of arrival: 28th December 1936
Brigade ID: 939
Date of departure: 24th July 1937
Date of death: 27th December 1952 - Mere, Wiltshire
Where killed:
Comments: Address given as; Father, c/o The Electrician, Fleet Street, London, Known in Spain as John Lepper. Wounded 17/2/37. George Nathan's chauffeur. Tried to desert after Jarama with Spender's friend Tony Hyndman for which he spent two months in a 're-education' camp. Claimed the strain of driving at night had given him eyesight problems. RGASPI 545/6/162, pp. 66-67. Repatriated on health grounds. 1939 living with Hyndman in Great Ormond Street, Bloomsbury, London,
Source: IBA Box D-7 File A/2, RGASPI 545/6/53/9 & 545/6/89/82 & 545/6/91/103 & 545/6/162/65-67.
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