Other name: Arthur
Place of birth: 1908?
Year of birth: London?
Political organisation:
Occupation: Artist
Date of arrival: December 1936
Brigade ID: Not issued
Date of departure: October 1937
Date of death: October 1937
Where killed: Aranjuez
Comments: Chelsea, London? Member of No 1 Company, 14th IB and BB, 15th IB. Doubts remain over the precise identity of this volunteer. Source SC/IBA/5/1/5/1-3 has him killed alongside Harry Fry at Fuentes on 13 October 1937. He could be the 18 yr old 'English Public school boy, L---' mentioned by Stephen Spender in The God that Failed. He is also probably the 'Tony Lachlan' mentioned by Walter Greenhalgh as the interpreter for George Nathan on Staff in BB. (R. Baxell).
Source: IBA Box 21 File A RGASPI 545/6/161/56-57
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