New postcards recreate vintage civil war designs

Post date: 13/10/2022

The IBMT Shop now offers a set of 20 postcards, with artwork based on an original collection of Spanish Civil War postcards from 1937.

The postcards are on sale for £12 + p&p per pack of 20. They can be purchased online through the IBMT Shop here.

‘Treballadors! Tots contra el feixism’ (Workers! All against fascism) by unknown.

In collaboration with fine art reproduction specialists Past Pixels, the IBMT has recreated the classic postcard designs. These were originally produced by the Barcelona-based Sindicat de Dibuixants Professionals (SDP) for the PSU united socialist and communist party of Catalonia and the UGT trade union federation.

The SDP was formed in 1936, during a period of revolutionary organising, as a trade union of cartoonists and professional illustrations fighting for improvements in their labour conditions. With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, the union – composed of a range of left-wing Catalonian artists – put their design skills to use in support of the Spanish Republic.

‘Treballa per als que lluiten!’ (Work Work for those who fight!) by Carles Fontserè.

Many of these designs also appeared as posters, all of them with powerful propaganda imagery and messages intended to rally morale for the revolutionary social transformation taking place under the Spanish Republic and mobilise support and resources for its struggle against the rebellious fascist forces.

‘Camperol la collita! Es la reraguarda dels que lluiten’ (Farmer! The harvest is the rearguard for those who fight) by Martí Bas.

The postcards will also be available to buy in person at the IBMT’s Annual General Meeting weekend from tomorrow, 14-15 October.

13 October 2022.

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