Updated information about plans for the 80th anniversary

Post date: 19/06/2016

Almudena Cros of the AABI Association of Friends of the International Brigades in Spain has sent us this updated information about the 80th anniversary events in Spain in October. See also the ‘80th anniversary events in Spain’ posting on 17 June.


Dear Friends, 


I am writing to clarify two aspects of the anniversary trip: 


1) You do not have to do the whole trip, which will last for a week and will be a considerable expense. You are very welcome to join us just for part of the trip. You can come to Madrid only, if you wish. We just need to know in advance, by 20 August, how many people will be coming to Madrid so that we can organise coaches etc. 


2) There will be no train trip from Paris to Benicassim. We cannot organise fleeting a train, and some people might want to stay in Paris or go to other places by themsleves and join us in Madrid later in the week. I will be flying from Paris to Madrid on 23 October and then will make my way to Benicassim from Madrid.  


If you are traveling from Madrid, you can take the train to Benicassim. It takes around four hours and a single ticket costs around 60 euros. Please note that Renfe does not sell tickets more than two months in advance, so we cannot buy tickets yet. 


From Benicassim, we can all take the train to Valencia and there take the train to Albacete.  


For hotels IN MADRID, we suggest these ones:


Hotel Francisco I;label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-es-franciscoNi-unspec-es-com-L%3Aes-O%3AwindowsSnt-B%3Achrome-N%3Ayes-S%3Abo-U%3Asalo;sid=d6912480224273fbb611a6e3ee73d054;dcid=12;dist=0&sb_price_type=total&type=total&


Hotel Regina


PLEASE bear with us. This trip requires a lot of planning and I have other responsibilities aside from AABI. This will be a trip to remember, and we will pay due homage to our heroes and heroines in the International Brigades. 


Thank you for your patience, 


Almudena Cros

AABI President   

Posted 20 June 2016

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