Successful IBMT conference day

Post date: 30/03/2018

About 100 people attended this year’s Len Crome Memorial Conference in Bristol’s Colston Hall on 24 March. The IBMT’s lecture day saw a range of speakers and performers making contributions on the Aid Spain movement that mobilised support for the Republican cause during the Spanish Civil War.



The main speakers were Professor Tom Buchanan and Emily Dixon, both of whom have authored books on British responses to the war in Spain. There was music from Ewan McLenann (pictured above), Amanda Boyd and David Nash and The Red Notes, along with a rare screening of the 1936 film, ‘The Defence of Madrid’. 

Excerpts of the day’s proceedings will be posted on the IBMT’s YouTube page. If you attended the event and want to leave feedback, go to:


Posted on 30 March 2018.

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