Podemos leader praises International Brigades

Post date: 22/12/2015

How pleasing to see Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias invoking the memory of the International Brigades when he addressed supporters in Madrid following the party’s success in the Spanish general election on 20 December. 

Noting that the left-wing anti-austerity party had won 69 seats in the new Spanish parliament after being in existence for just two years, he listed “heroes and heroines” from Spain’s recent history, including several associated with the Spanish Republican side in the civil war, as well as contemporay fighters and campaigners for social justice. 

“We hear their voices tonight,” Iglesias declared, “including those polyglot voices of the International Brigades who, having fought to defend our motherland, will for ever be counted as Spaniards.”

See the speech in Spanish here. The reference to the International Brigades comes at about 4mins 26secs.

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