Oxfordshire and the Spanish Civil War

Post date: 08/01/2015

The IBMT is proud to announce publication of:


‘No Other War: Oxfordshire and the Spanish Civil War 1936-39’ by Chris Farman, Valery Rose and Liz Woolley, with a foreword by Professor Tom Buchanan,
124 pages, fully illustrated, £5 (plus £3 p&p).


‘No Other Way’ tells the untold story of the 31 men and women of Oxfordshire who travelled to Spain during the Spanish Civil War. Most joined the legendary International Brigades. Six of them were killed while fighting to defend the Spanish Republic against a fascist-backed military uprising in a war that was a prelude the Second World War. 


The authors also describe the considerable impact of the war on Oxford – both town and gown – and on the rest of the county. Alongside the campaigning for the Spanish Republic came the growth of the anti-fascist ‘popular front’ movement in Oxford. This challenged the British government’s appeasement of European fascism and warned that a world war would be the consequence of such a policy.


Containing many rare and previously unpublished photos, ‘No Other Way’ profiles the 31 volunteers with Oxfordshire links. They included university sudents, factory workers, journalists, doctors, nurses, an actor – and two lords. 



‘We came because our open eyes could see no other way’ from ‘The Volunteer’ by C Day-Lewis


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