Nominations for IBMT Officers and Executive Committee members

Post date: 07/10/2016

The following members have accepted their nomination to serve as IBMT Officers or as Executive Committee members. The election will take place at the Annual General Meeting in Dublin on 15 October. If necessary, a ballot will be held at the AGM at which each member in attendance will have one vote. Those elected will serve until the 2017 AGM.



Richard Baxell (nominated by Lydia Syson)



Jim Jump (nominated by Rodney Bickerstaffe)



Manuel Moreno (nominated by Colin Carritt)


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (11 to be elected)

Mike Arnott (nominated by Jim Jump)

Lisa Croft (nominated by Margaret Jepson)

Nina Cunnington (nominated by Danny Payne)

Graham Davies (nominated by Mary Greening)

Pauline Fraser (nominated by Mike Arnott)

Mary Greening (nominated by Hywel Francis)

Christopher Hall (nominated by Dolores Long)

Charles Jepson (nominated by Terry Bayes)

Dolores Long (nominated by Ruth Muller)

Duncan Longstaff (nominated by Charles Jepson)

Marshall Mateer (nominated by Myra Hunter)

Manus O’Riordan (nominated by Lynda Walker)

Danny Payne (nominated by Don Watson)

Richard Thorpe (nominated by Mary Greening)



Posted on 7 October 2016.

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