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Post date: 01/10/2016

On 8 September 2016 in Warsaw an event was organised against the planned liquidation of Dabrowszczacy Street ("Dabrowszczacy" - a name for the Polish volunteers from the 13th Dabrowski International Brigade). 


The decision to remove the street’s name has been made by the Institute of National Rememberance. It distorts history and biographies of the International Brigade volunteers from Poland, reducing them to ‘Stalin’s soldiers’ and ignoring their main purpose that motivated them to go to Spain: fighting fascism. The institute’s activity is a consistent right-wing campaign that falsifies history and obliterates any left-wing traditions from social memory and space.


We organised a mass meeting in front of the institute’s office to voice our disapproval of attacking rememberance of Polish anti-fascists fighting in Spain. Following a speech by an activist from the initiative Ręce precz od ul. Dabrowszczakow (Hands off Dabrowszczacy Street) which tries to protect the memory of the Polish volunteers in the International Brigades, Varsovian Revolutionary Choir sang ‘March of the XIII International Brigade’ and ‘A las barricadas’, among other songs.


The event gathered approximately 100 people. Participants chanted slogans such as ‘We remember Dabrowszczacy – we won’t let fascism pass!’ or ‘Keep your hands off Dabrowszczacy’.


Together, we showed that there is no acceptance for distorting history, nor attacking the memory of the Polish volunteers fighting fascism.


The ultimate decision on liquidation Dabrowszczacy Street’s name is to be made by the Municipal Names Committee in the coming months. We are not going to let those outrageous plans come true!


Ręce precz od ul. Dabrowszczakow (Hands off Dabrowszczacy Street)


Warszawski Chór Rewolucyjny (Varsovian Revolutionary Choir)


Posted on 1 October 2016.



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