Mapping the memorials

Post date: 02/03/2015

Using Google Maps, our friends in the Dutch International Brigades memorial association Stichting Spanje 1936-1939 have made a start at identifying all memorials to the International Brigades in Europe. 


Their work so far can be seen here:


All the infomation about memorials in Britain and Ireland for the “Spanish Civil War Memorials” map has been provided by the IBMT.


The listings include co-ordinates for each memorial, although some of these may be approximate, says Rien Dijkstra, Secretary of Stichting Spanje 1936-1939.


More information on memorials in France and Italy in particular is still being sought, and Dijkstra hopes to update the map once the AABI association in Spain has completed its own survey of memorials. 


He adds: “From my perspective the first goal should be to have a complete list of memorials. After this we could enhance things by finding or taking pictures of these memorials and on top of this we could enhance this database by providing PDF leaflets for the memorials. Most of them have quite interesting stories and backgrounds.”


The full list of memorials in Britain and Ireland compiled by the IBMT can be seen here:


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