Invitation from the Polish Volunteers for Freedom Association

Post date: 24/06/2017

We would like to invite to Warsaw representatives of all associations commemorating the International Brigades to honour Polish volunteers fighting against international fascism in Spain.

We are planning events for 15/16 July 2017, coinciding with the anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, as Polish anti-fascists were fighting against fascists from the first day of the war.

Last year we organised informal celebrations as part of the campaign Hands off Dąbrowski Brigade Street, fighting against the plan to deprive Polish volunteers of the street name in Warsaw.

Since then we have transformed into a formal organisation – Volunteers for Freedom Association – joining company with numerous organisations from all over the world preserving the memory of the International Brigade volunteers.

A few weeks ago Warsaw city councillors decided to keep the name of Dąbrowski Brigade Street intact. It is a shared international success, one we also want to celebrate in July.

At the same time, we need to gather our strength to continue the fight for the memory of the International Brigades. In September the name of the street will again be threatened by the Polish government forcing local authorities to remove the names of the streets ‘promoting communism’.

We are in the process of planning the details of the commemoration on 15/16 July, but we can already announce the programme will include a ceremony at the Polish volunteer cemetery section, a panel discussion, a presentation of our current activities, a film screening and a choir performance.

Volunteers for Freedom Association (formerly Hands off Dąbrowski Brigade Street)

Posted on 24 June 2017.

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