IBMT tour of Aragon Front

Post date: 18/02/2014

'Tomorrow we’ll have coffee in Huesca'


A six-day International Brigade Memorial Trust tour to the Aragon Front in October 2014 (9th to 15th)


The group will assemble on Thursday 9th October at Callafell, a small seaside town, easily accessible by rail from both Barcelona El Prat and Barcelona Reus airports. The following morning a coach will take the group to Huesca where we will spend two nights. The group will then move on to Caspe for a further two nights before returning to Callafell for the final night. Accommodation will be reserved at group rates in hotels of minimum 3-star rating.


The tour, with local historians, will feature:

• A commemoration at Tardienta to Felicia Browne, the first British volunteer to fall in Spain along with her Italian comrade Paulo Comida. This will be followed by a visit to the trenches at Santa Quiteria.

• A visit to a monument in Huesca to Republicans killed by Primo de Rivera in 1930, where flowers will be laid.

• Walk through the Estrecho Quinto trenches where John Cornford wrote ‘Letter from Aragon’. From this location there is a splendid view of the Castillo de Montearagon mentioned by George Orwell in ‘Homage to Catalonia’.

• At Alcubierra we will see both the original and the reconstructed trenches of the Ruta Orwell.

• En route to Caspe we visit the battle sites at Belchite, left in ruins since the end of the Aragon campaign, and Quinto, where we will be joined by a local historian to show us the bombed church and Purburrel Hill.

• From Caspe, local expert Anna Marti will lead the group to the Maelle-Batea area to visit sites related to the Great Retreat of the Lincoln and Thälmann Battalions towards Gandesa.

• A visit will be made the new and superb Battle of the Ebro museum at Fayon.


Names of interested parties should be forwarded to Pauline Fraser at who will send out further details of cost and accommodation as soon as they have been finalised.


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