IBMT expands rights for affiliated local groups

Post date: 05/03/2020

The Hull International Brigades Memorial Group (pictured) are the latest local group to affiliate to the IBMT. They have been very active locally and successfully campaigned to establish a monument to volunteers from Hull, unveiled in March 2019.

To encourage the formation and affiliation of more local International Brigade memorial groups, IBMT Trustees have agreed to strengthen links between these groups and the IBMT.

Now affiliated groups will have their contact details included in the IBMT magazine and on our website. In addition, they are able to submit motions for consideration by the IBMT Executive Committee.

The IBMT welcomes and supports the work of independent local memorial groups that share our aim of keeping alive the memory and spirit of the volunteers who went to Spain. Affiliation comes with a number of advantages, allowing local groups to:

• Declare their IBMT affiliation on letterheads and publicity material;

• Purchase IBMT merchandise at discount prices for resale;

• Receive multiple copies of the IBMT magazine and the IBMT eNewsletter;

• Exercise membership rights as laid down in the IBMT constitution.

The amended guidelines for local International Brigade groups can be accessed here.

A complete list of affiliated International Brigades memorial groups, along with contact details, can be found here.


Posted on 5 March 2020. 

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