Flag brings back memories

Post date: 22/02/2017

by Manuel Moreno (IBMT Treasurer)

I'd just met Ángel Rojo at the International Brigade positions in Jarama and was overawed by the names and signatures of Brigadistas on his Republican flag. But what was even more amazing was seeing my father’s signature, Juan Moreno, with them and next to Bob Doyle’s, a close family friend and Brigadista. Below it, ‘1st brigada de tanquistas’. This is the first time I'd seen this written down by him. I'm still searching for details about the Republican tanquistas and the Soviet T-26 tanks which he drove and all the tank brigades. José Zarza of Geframa, who helped us on this trip, and I went to El Goloso military barracks and saw four T-26 tanks; one was operational and was started up for us; no problem; better than his own car, José said. Any help or contacts you can give me would be wonderful. Well what a momentous journey. There I was with Spanish Republicans and International Brigade families and friends commemorating the famous Battle of Jarama in early 1937 that kept Franco's fascist forces out of Madrid; Madrid, the home of my father. I am proud of my father. I am proud of the Spanish people and Republican forces that kept them out. They were the first to show the way and for the International Brigades to follow in support. ¡Viva la República! ¡No pasarán!  



Posted on 22 February 2017.

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