Digital exhibition from Paris: André Marty and the International Brigades

Post date: 22/02/2017

The Centre d’Histoire Sociale du XXeme siècle (Centre of Social History of the XXth Century, Paris, France), part of the CNRS (French National Research Centre) has set up a virtual exhibition on the International Brigades as seen through the archives of André Marty, who was was appointed Political Commissar of the volunteers by the Comintern, 1936-1938.


The CHS shelters a sizeable collection of original documents dedicated to the International Brigades, and taken from the personal archives of André Marty, most of them unpublished or obscure. Although the whole exhibition is in French, there is an English homepage and table of contents where non-French readers can browse the documents.


Click here to see the homepage, which introudces the exhibition and gives details about André Marty's life and his role in the Spanish Civil War, and click here for the table of contents for the virtual materials.




Posted on 22 February 2017.

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