Death of César Covo

Post date: 10/03/2015

We have today received this sad news from our friends in ACER, the French International Brigades memorial association…


It is with profond sorrow that we have to inform you of the passing of the Brigader César Covo at the age of almost 103 years. 


Born in Bulgaria on 27 April 27 in a Sephardic family, having access to French nationality, the family came to live in France in 1930. He joined French communist organisations, and was among the first volonteers who fought in Casa de Campo to defend Madrid. 


He then participated at the Battle of Jarama and at Guadalajara, where he was injured in the leg. He stayed on as a translater and adviser within head-quarters of “El Campesino”. 


He returned to France to be incorporated again in the French army, was taken prisoner and immediately joined the resistance. He belonged to the group FTP MOI, and was particularly active in printing false papers of all kinds. He was on the barricades in Paris at the Liberation. 


After all those years of fighting, he decided to stay in France rather than serve the new government in Bulgaria. He married a Breton women and established himself as a printer.


Like a lot of ancient Brigaders, he struggled all his life for freedom, peace, and social justice. His book “La guerre, Camarade!” is a remarkable testimony of his sevice on behalf of the Spanish Republic.


He was our friend and our comrade.


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