China remembers the International Brigade doctors

Post date: 20/12/2015

Twenty medical doctors serving in the International Brigades went straight from Spain to China to help the country defend itself against Japanese aggression. The Chinese called them the “Spanish Doctors,” because of their earlier activities in Spain, even though none of them were Spaniards.

In the summer of 2015, the Chinese government was able to track descendants of eight Spanish Doctors and invited them to Tuyunguan for the 70th anniversary of the victory of the antifascist war and the International Medical Relief Corp (IMRC). The majority of the foreign doctors serving in IMRC were “Spanish Doctors”. At the commemoration ceremony on August 31, 2015, the descendants of the Spanish Doctors crowded around the monument for the Medical Relief Corps of the Chinese Red Cross. They unfurled a Spanish Republic flag with the logo of the International Brigades and a historic picture was taken.

In the attached picture are family members of Drs Ianto Kaneti, Victor Tauberfliegel, Wolf Jungerman, Samul Flato, and David Iancu.


Story about the “Spanish Doctors” appears in the latest issue of “The Volunteers”,

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