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Works on the British volunteers in Spain

The most recent studies are:

Baxell, Richard. Unlikely Warriors: The British in the Spanish Civil War and the Struggle Against Fascism. London: Aurum Press, 2012.

Boyd Haycock, David. I am Spain: The Spanish Civil War and the Men and Women who went to Fight Fascism. Brecon: OLd Street Publishing, 2012.

The following paperback book is based upon the IBMT's acclaimed travelling exhibition:

Baxell, Richard, Jackson Angela & Jump, Jim. Antifascistas: British and Irish Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 2010.

Lastly, an academic study, comparing the experiences of British volunteers in the Greek War of Independence of 1821-23, the Spanish Civil War and the war in Finland in 1939:

Roberts, Elizabeth. "Freedom, Faction, Fame and Blood". Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press, 2010.

Works specifically on the British Battalion

There are a number of books on the British Battalion. Three are works by members of the battalion, or its supporters:

Alexander, Bill. British Volunteers for Liberty. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1982.

Ryan, Frank, ed. The Book of the XVth Brigade: Records of British, American, Canadian and Irish Volunteers in the XV International Brigade in Spain 1936-1938, Madrid: War Commissariat, 1938. reissued by Warren & Pell in 2003.

Rust, William. Britons in Spain. London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1939, reissued by Warren & Pell in 2003.

There are two academic studies. The first, a rather critical work, draws heavily on the material held in Moscow:

Hopkins, James K. Into the Heart of the Fire: The British in the Spanish Civil War. California: Stanford, 1998.

The second, also using the Moscow material, forms the basis of much of the information on this website:

Baxell, Richard. British Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: The British Battalion in the International Brigades, 1936-1939. London, Routledge/Cañada Blanch Studies on Contemporary Spain, 2004 and reissued by Warren & Pell in 2007.

Lastly, the following is based mainly on the battle of Jarama in February 1937:

Hughes, Ben. They Shall Not Pass! The British Battalion at Jarama. Oxford: Osprey, 2011.

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