Other roles

Works on British volunteers in other roles in Spain

For the Republicans:

Bridgeman, Brian. The Flyers: the untold story of British and Commonwealth airmen in the Spanish Civil War and other air wars from 1919 to 1940. Swindon: B. Bridgman, 1989.

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-- ‘The Lost Art of Felicia Browne’, History Workshop Journal, 54, 2002, pp.181-201.

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-- Beyond the Battlefield. Testimony, memory and Remeberance of a Cave Hospital in the Spanish Civil War. Pontypool: Warren & Pell, 2004.

Palfreeman, Linda. ¡Salud! British Volunteers in the Republican Medical Services, 1926-1939. Sussex Academic Press, 2012.

-- Aristocrats, Adventurers and Ambulances. Sussex Academic Press, 2014.

-- Spain Bleeds. Sussex Academic Press, 2015.

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Thwaites, Peter. ‘The ILP Contingent in the Spanish Civil War’, Imperial War Museum Review, 1987 pp.50-61.

For the Nationalists:

Keene, Judith. Fighting for Franco. London: Leicester University Press, 2001.

Othen, Christopher. Franco's International Brigades. London: Reportage, 2008.

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