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To help in the teaching of history of the International Brigades and the impact of the Spanish Civil War in Britain and in Spain, the IBMT have prepared educational materials aimed at 11-18 year olds. Currently these can be found in the IBMT section of the teaching resources section of the Times Educational Supplement website [a login is required].

Currently the following lessons are available:

The Spanish Civil War and….. A series of lessons, each dedicated to a particular community looking at the effects of the Spanish War through the involvement of Brigade Members, Refugees, Aid for Spain and preparations for war.

Medical progress and war: case study Spanish Civil War

Who should go on a war memorial?

Do buildings have guilt?

Don’t mention [the Spanish Civil] War.

When was appeasement a good idea?

Take me out [Mussolini] aka Blind Date

The International Brigades

Why did people join the International Brigades?

The Spanish Civil War: an overview

Intervention - Germany and Italy in the Spanish Civil War

The militia: defending the Republic 1936

The war begins – Spain 1936 [Popular Front]

Why was the Spanish Civil War important?

Why did the Spanish Republic lose?

The Basque child refugees

Taking sides: The Spanish Civil War begins

The causes of the Spanish Civil War

Aid for Spain: raising money for Spanish causes

Franco’s Spain

Franco’s Spain – the impact of his rule.

Dad’s Army and the Spanish Civil War

Further materials are being developed and will be added. For further assistance contact:

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