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Prisoners of war

Prisoners of war Released British prisoners-of war crossing into France in May 1937 ‘Somebody spoke and I heard a voice say, “Don’t shoot”. They thought we were Russians with the uniforms at first. Somebody shouted, “Ingles?” If it hadn’t been for that…we would have been shot one at a time. They were going to shoot […]

Captured at Jarama

Prisoners of war captured at Jarama Members of the British Machine-Gun Company captured at Jarama, 13th February 1937 The members of the machine-gun company captured at Jarama expected to be executed, for the belief was widespread that captured Internationals were shot on sight. Phil Elias, of Leeds, was shot when reaching for tobacco from his […]

Prisoners at San Pedro de Cardeña

Prisoners at San Pedro de Cardeña Banners calling for release of the Irish Republican Frank Ryan, captured in March 1938. A number of volunteers were taken prisoner during the Aragon campaigns of 1938, with over one hundred volunteers captured at Calaceite at the end of March. The prisoners were taken to Saragossa for interrogation, where […]
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