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Teruel and Segura de los Baños

Teruel and Segura de los Baños Medical unit in the freezing Teruel snow, during the winter of 1937-38 On 17 January 1938, the British Battalion moved into position, struggling through bitter cold and several feet of snow. Despite a ferocious rebel artillery bombardment, the battalion held their ground and brought the rebel counter-attack to a […]

The retreat through Aragon

The retreat through Aragon Welsh volunteers of the British Battalion On 7 March 1938, Franco launched a massive and well-prepared attack on the Republican forces in Aragon. What began as a series of break-throughs for the Nationalists swiftly became outright retreat for the weary Republican forces, as their lines virtually collapsed. The battalion were forced […]

The Ebro offensive

The Ebro offensive The British Battalion training before the Ebro offensive of July 1938 Following a period of desperate reorganisation and training, the battalion was informed on 21 July 1938 that Republican forces were to cross the River Ebro in a huge offensive and that the battalion was charged with capturing Gandesa, through which they […]
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