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Johnny Longstaff

Teeside folk trio The Young'uns are touring with a new, theatric version of 'The Ballad of Jonny Longstaff'.

Seminar: 'A New Historiography of Stalin and the Spanish Civil War: 2000-2020' with the historian Dr Daniel Kowalsky.

Manchester Central Library

Annual Jarama commemoration to remember the men and women from the North West who supported the Spanish Republic.

Rewley House

Day school on 'Humanitarianism and Politics in the Spanish Civil War' with Oxford University historian Tom Buchanan and others.


'Comrades Come Rally', a celebration in words and music of the Oxfordshire volunteers who fought Franco in the Spanish Civil War 1936-39.


'Historical Memory and the Fight Against Fascism', a symposium organised by the Marx Memorial Library and the Society for Cooperation in Russian and Soviet Studies discussing the history and legacy of the anti-fascist struggle.


'Doug Jolly: pioneer of modern battlefield surgery in the Spanish Civil War', a special lecture by Dr David Lowe organised jointly by the Marx Memorial Library and the International Brigade Memorial Trust.