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Individual biographical details go online

Biographical records of British, Irish and Commonwealth International Brigade volunteers are now online for the first time. The searchable list contains information for each of the 2,372 individuals for whom the IBMT has personal details.

Most of the information is drawn from archives at the Marx Memorial Library and in the ‘Moscow archive’ of the Comintern (Communist International) held in Russia’s state archives. The records now online were compiled by the IBMT’s former researcher, Jim Carmody, who died in 2016, and historian and IBMT Chair Richard Baxell. The list is being hosted on Richard Baxell's website for the time being until some technical issues on the IBMT website are resolved.

To consult the list, click ‘Find an International Brigader’ on the main page of the IBMT website or go straight to:

With feedback from other researchers and family members, it is hoped to update and expand the records with additional information on each volunteer. Contact:



Posted on 30 March 2018.