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Education support

Education Support

To help in the teaching of history of the International Brigades in particular and the Spanish Civil War in general, the IBMT have prepared an education pack, available on a CD. The CD contains lesson plans and materials for three main age groups, 8-10, 11-13 and 14+ year olds. The materials can also be found on the Times Educational Supplement website  [ a login is required]. 

The lessons include source and interpretation work and cover the following topics:

8-10 Years

The International Brigades
The Basque Child Refuges
The Aid for Spain movement

11-13 Years

The International Brigades
The Basque Children
Why did the Republic lose the war?
Why was the Spanish Civil War important?
Osterley Park: Is Dads' Army an accurate interpretation?

Who should go to the Little Melford War Memorial?

Newhaven Fort International Brigades Exhibition materials

The Spanish Civil War and ... [a local study]

14+ Years

Causes of the Spanish Civil War
Taking Sides
The War Begins
The Militia
Arms for Spain – Non-Intervention
Intervention – the role of Italy and Germany
The War – an overview
Why join the International Brigades?
The International Brigades
Franco’s Spain I [power politics in Franco’s Spain]
Franco’s Spain II [the consequences of the Nationalist victory].

'Don't Mention the War' - the pact of forgetting

Do buildings have guilt?

When was Appeasement a good idea?

Mussolini blind date


Further materials are being developed and will be added. For further assistance contact Richard Thorpe: rthorpe [at]