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28 September - Stirges The Spanish Civil War, Wales & the Welsh International Brigade


1.00am – 2 pm A conference taking place as part of theCool Cymru’ Weekend on Saturday 28th September.

Talks covering

* the background to Civil War in Spain - The International dimension – Reaction / Support

• Why did volunteers from around the world, including Wales, head to Spain to defend the Republic and fight fascism ?

• The Welsh contingent of the International Brigade. Who were they?

• Catalonia connection: Ebro, Sitges & the Bombing of Barcelona

• How else was Wales involved in the Civil War ? Captain Archibald Dickson, Nye Bevan MP, Child Evacuees

• The end of the war: Farewell to the International Brigade. Refugees flee to France, Dictatorship & Reprisals

• The ramifications for the world and the Spanish population for the Nationalist victory.

– Francoist Barcelona, Lessons to be learned. ii. Survival of the Welsh & Catalan language’s

– Miquel Strubell iii. Catalan Anthropology – Ricard Conesa