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15-17 March CASPE

15/03/2018 to 17/03/2018

Commemoration of the 80th anniversary of  the Battle of Caspe in March 1938 during the retreat through Aragón in which the British Battalion and other International Brigade units came under sustained attack. The programme of events is being organised by the local history group Asociación Bajoaragonesa de Agitación y Propaganda.



08:00 pm, in Casa de Cultura of Caspe

- Opening and presentation of the event.

- Lecture “Caspe, March of 1938, evacuated city”, conducted by Amadeo Barceló (BAP).


07:00 pm, in Teatro Cine Goya

- Presentation of the journal “International Brigades on the Caspe front. March 1938. Archaelogical Interpretation through two combatants' graves”, conducted by its author Salvador Melguizo (BAP).

- Documentary display: “Armony , Franco and my grandfather”, conducted by its author Xavier Ladjointe ( French-Spanish).


10:00 am, in the Town Hall of Caspe

- Official reception of groups arriving from France, Germany, England, Scotland…

11:30 am, in el Vado, second site of the battle

- Guided tour of the second site of the Battle of Caspe (sector of Guadalope). Led by Manuel García and Salvador Melguizo (BAP).

12:30 pm, in el Vado

- Unveiling of the monument to the International Brigades hosted by BAP, Town Council of Caspe and Government of Aragón.

02:00 pm, in Restaurante Magallón

- Lunch, comida de hermandad, for everybody interested. Afterwards round table headed by Virgilio Fernández, veteran brigade member of XIII Brigade, involved in the battle, and representatives of Government of Aragón. 25€ per person (two books are included in price).

05:30 pm, outside of Castillo del Compromiso (East terrace)

- “The acropolis through other eyes”. Brief description of all purposes assigned to the school and the castle during the war, and the development of the battle under its walls.

06:00 pm, in Castillo del Compromiso

List of papers:

- “Clarion Cycling Club and the Spanish Civil War”, conducted by Stuart Walsh, Clarion Club and IBMT member, historian and Salford Working Class Movement Library volunteer in the Civil War archive section.

- “Chronicles of a forgotten battle. Defence of the Cinca's fortified line in the wake of the retreat from Caspe, (Sector Gandesa). Revisionism in the field of multidisciplinary historiography”, conducted by Aitor García, historian.

- “The International Brigades before  the battle of Caspe” , conducted by Severiano Montero, AABI member.

- “  Units of the Nacionales that fought in Caspe”, conducted by Manuel García, BAP.

- “Some protraits of brigadists killed in the battle of Caspe” , conducted by Claire Rol-Tanguy and Ramón Chicharro, l’ACER members.


12:00 pm

- Guided tour of the Battle of Caspe around the first site of the battle (sector of Plana del Pilón and Alberca). Led by Manuel García and Salvador Melguizo.

                                                          5:00 pm

- Starting from Hotel Magallón. Visit to Fayón where the Ebro Battle Museum is located.


- It is necessary to buy a ticket for Saturday’s lunch. Places are limited so we strongly recommend that you  reserve as soon as possible via e-mail:

Tickets will be available in the hall of Cine Goya on Friday evening and in the restaurant on Saturday if they are not  sold out.

- E-mails can be sent in English.

- The themed map “Caspe 1937. The capital of Consejo de Aragón ” will be distributed for free at arrival.

- On Monday 19th there will be a tour through Maella, Batea, Caseres and La Fatarella where the International Brigades fought after withdrawing from the Caspe front. To join, please contact Aitor García as soon as possible via e-mail: 

Organizers: Bajoaragonesa de Agitación y Propaganda and Caspe Town Hall

Sponsors: Gobierno de Aragón

Collaborators: Diputación Provincial de Zaragoza, l'ACER, AABI, Clarion Cycling Club