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The Marx Memorial Library has hosted an online panel discussion on current moves to distort the history of the Second World War and the longer fight against fascism in the 20th century.

Oliver Law

This extract from ‘The Book of the XV Brigade’ honours three African-American Lincoln Battalion volunteers. It serves as a reminder of the egalitarianism and internationalism at the heart of the International Brigades.

Tommy Moore memorial

On 3 June 2020, IBMT activists Stuart Walsh, Paul Ward and Barrie Eckford laid a wreath on a memorial to Thomas Moore, Manchester International Brigader who was killed at Teruel in 1938. This article by Stuart Walsh provides an account of the accidental re-discovery of the grave by Barrie Eckford.

IBMT Trustee John Haywood pays tribute to his fellow Oxfordshire IBMT activist Chris Farman. 

Douglas Jolly

David Lowe and Mark Derby write about Douglas Jolly, the New Zealand surgeon who served in the International Brigades. They outline why he went to Spain and his contribution to the progress of battlefield surgery as a discipline.

David Lowe is asking for help in identifying any of the people pictured with Douglas Jolly in the photos below.

Mass graves of anti-fascists on British soil

IBMT Chair Jim Jump looks at efforts to unearth the tragic fate of Spanish Republicans and other prisoners used by the Nazis as slave labourers on the Channel Islands.


The IBMT 2020 No Pasarán Raffle offers a first prize of £500 in cash. The second prize is half a case of glorious Spanish wines, plus many other prizes for runners-up. The draw will take place on Saturday 10 October 2020.

Andrew Smith and CP membership

Anyone researching individual volunteers who went to Spain should consult the IBMT's database. This provides basic information about most of the 2,500 International Brigaders from Britain and Ireland. But for more details, it's necessary to delve into the archives. 

Former French Resistance fighter and president of ACER, the French International Brigades memorial association, Cécile Rol-Tanguy, died on 8 May at the age of 101. She was the widow of Henri Rol-Tanguy, a prominent French International Brigade volunteer and leader of the Resistance in Paris.


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