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To mark the 80th anniversary of the founding of the International Brigades, Rien Dijkstra of the Dutch International Brigades memorial group Spanje 1936-1939) and Nancy Phillips of the US-based Friends and Families of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade have translated a poem by Flor Cernuda. They have also created a multilingual PDF booklet containing the poem and a brief biography of the Spanish poet.

Recorded at the IBMT’s Len Crome Memorial Conference in Manchester on 12 March 2016, Professor Paul Preston explains how ‘the Spanish Republic had given much to women and Franco's victory in the Spanish Civil War took away much more’. The conference was called ‘Women and the Spanish Civil War’.

The following members have accepted their nomination to serve as IBMT Officers or as Executive Committee members. The election will take place at the Annual General Meeting in Dublin on 15 October. If necessary, a ballot will be held at the AGM at which each member in attendance will have one vote. Those elected will serve until the 2017 AGM.

On 8 September 2016 in Warsaw an event was organised against the planned liquidation of Dabrowszczacy Street ("Dabrowszczacy" - a name for the Polish volunteers from the 13th Dabrowski International Brigade). 


The family of George and Nan Green visited the Ebro battlefielfd in September and saw the position where George was killed in the final action of the British Battalion in September 1938.


View news and events from our American sister organisation ALBA.

By Colin Carritt


Almudena Cros, President of the AABI Spanish Interenational Brigades friendship group, writes from Madrid…


Karl Lewkowicz, co-writer of the award-winning musical ‘Goodbye Barcelona’ writes about his trip to Mexico City, where a video of the show about a group of British International Brigaders was shown at the Ateneo Español de México on 30 August, and where he met Mexico’s last International Brigader…


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