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The IBMT is asking supporters to lobby their MP to sign Early Day Motion 204, which has been tabled in Parliament by a group of Labour MPs, calling on the British government to make representations to the Spanish government about the threat to the Madrid memorial to the International Brigades. The motion can be found here:

Madrid International Brigade memorial

Petition campaign to save Madrid memorial

An online petition campaign has been launched by the AABI International Brigades friendship group in Spain to save the memorial to the International Brigades in Madrid's University City.

Madrid’s Complutense University has been ordered to remove the memorial that was unveiled on 22 October 2011 in the presence of four International Brigade veterans, including David Lomon from Britain.

NEARLY twenty years ago, Angela Jackson, then beginning the research for her doctorate, conducted an interview with a woman who, many years before, had worked as a nurse in Republican Spain during the civil war. The story that Angela was told that day by her eighty year old interviewee, Patience Edney (née Darton), became an important part of a ground-breaking thesis. It also led to a well-received book which, like this one, was published within the Cañada Blanch series on contemporary Spain.

Helen Graham’s latest monograph, The War and its Shadow, is not an introductory text to the Spanish Civil War, nor is it an easy read. While only 150 pages long, the text’s richness and complexity, the scope and ambition, the intelligence and sheer breadth of knowledge contained within make it both thought-provoking and challenging. Important and timely too.

Billy Bragg cd
Jarama Valley, the song inspired by one of the key battles of the Spanish Civil War, has been reworked and released on a CD to mark the 75th anniversary of the conflict.
Billy Bragg performs the famous song of the British Battalion, plus Maxine Peake delivers La Pasionaria's emotional farewell speech to the International Brigades with a dub backing from The Urban Roots.


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