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Catalan government appeals for help in identifying Ebro dead

Excavations have begun at the site of a front line hospital used during the Battle of the Ebro, to identify those buried there, which it is believed includes some International Brigaders. Descendants of International Brigaders might be able to help with the identification process.

Cornford and Heinemann

This December marks 105 years since the birth of John Cornford, International Brigader and communist poet. In this feature Jim Jump looks back at the poems that Cornford and his lover, communist writer Margot Heinemann, exchanged in the lead-up and aftermath to his death in December 1936.

James Maley POW

James Maley (1908-2007) was an International Brigade volunteer, trade unionist and Second World War veteran from Glasgow. This post was written by his son Willy Maley, after he came across a recording of an interview his father gave to the Imperial War Museum in 1991, which Willy has transcribed.

Wild, Berry, Fletcher, Kelly

IBMT member and history teacher Tony Fox is carrying out research on International Brigaders. Here he reveals the links between the Brigaders, especially the last commander of the British Battalion Sam Wild, and Tom Mann, veteran of the British labour movement.

Margaret Powell

Margaret Powell (1913-1990) served as a front-line nurse in Aragón in the winter of 1937-1938 and was later transferred to Barcelona where she worked in several hospitals. She was the last British International Brigade nurse to leave Spain. This is an extract from an article that she wrote in Spain for the April 1938 issue of British Nursing Journal, which was reprinted in the IBMT Newsletter Issue 27/Autumn 2010.

A previously unknown memorial to International Brigader Herbert Fisher, who was killed in the Aragón retreats in 1938, has been 'discovered' in Hampshire thanks to diligent investigative work by IBMT Trustee Alan Lloyd.

Update and appeal for photos of International Brigaders

The IBMT has added new photos to our online database of volunteers, which contains entries for nearly 2,400 International Brigaders from Britain and Ireland.

The IBMT would like to make another call to family members and friends to submit any photos they may have of International Brigaders so that they can be added to our database.

Sam Lesser at Jubilee Gardens

A tribute to Sam Lesser (1915-2010), British Battalion volunteer and former IBMT Chair, provided by IBMT member Chris Birch and published in the letters page of the Morning Star

Giles Tremlett and Richard Baxell

IBMT Historical Consultant Richard Baxell interviews best-selling author Giles Tremlett about his new book, which offers a rare and comprehensive account of the International Brigades from a global perspective.


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