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IBMT Scotland Secretary Mike Arnott reports on efforts to preserve the Spanish Civil War heritage of the Castilian village of Tarancón, where there was an International Brigade hospital during the 1937 Battle of Jarama. There is also a memorial to the 39 Scots killed in the battle and another to the Spaniards killed in Francoist repression.

Here’s our 14 February 2018 eNewsletter to IBMT members. Download this PDF – IBMT eNewsletter no. 37.pdf – to see the version with images.


IBMT Trustees have agreed new guidelines to support the growing number of local and regional International Brigade commemorative groups. 


Newsletters of the International Brigade Association are now available on the Marx Memorial Library (MML) website. The IBA was the veterans’ organisation for those volunteers from the British Isles who had fought in Spain. It published a newsletter for members between 1947 and 2000 when the IBA disbanded, to be replaced by the IBMT in the following year.

Rose Brown (pictured below) reports on the progress of a major project to catalogue the archives of the International Brigades and Spanish Civil War at the Marx Memorial Library in London.


Here’s our 3 January 2018 eNewsletter to IBMT members. Download this PDF –  eNL34.pdf – to see the version with images.


IBMT Trustee Pauline Fraser reports on plans by our Spanish sister organisation in Spain, the AABI, for this year’s Battle of Jarama commemoration in and around Madrid on 16-18 February. Pauline is organising the IBMT contingent who will be attending.

Britain’s foremost folk trio, The Young’uns, are dedicating their spring 2018 tour to a suite of songs inspired by the International Brigades, in particular by Johnny Longstaff, a fellow Teessider who as an 18-year-old travelled from Stockton-on-Tees to fight fascism in Spain. 


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