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Second Effort XI Brigade

Nancy Phillips, US-based IBMT member and contributor to the Friends & Families of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade group, provides the following account of the ‘second effort’ of the 11th International Brigade.

Hywel Francis and Baxell

Hywel Francis, IBMT Patron, historian and former Labour MP for Aberavon, died on Sunday 14 February, aged 74.


Alexander Clifford’s most recent book on the International Brigades, ‘Fighting for Spain’, was published late last year by Pen & Sword. It follows his last book, a study of the People’s Army of Republican Spain, which received a positive review in the May 2020 issue of ¡No Pasarán!.

Jim Minter, member of the IBMT and the Australian Friends of the International Brigades (AFIB), has sent in the following report of the AFIB’s commemoration event held late last year. Seventy Australian International Brigaders and medical volunteers travelled to Spain to fight fascism.

Foundations of the IBMT

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the formation of the IBMT, when the International Brigade Association merged with the Friends of the International Brigades. Drawing from papers and personal recollection, IBMT Trustee Pauline Fraser has written a first-hand history of FIBS.

O'Riordan and Ryan

IBMT Ireland Secretary Manus O’Riordan reviews ‘The International Brigades: Fascism, Freedom and the Spanish Civil War’ by Giles Tremlett (October 2020). He takes issue with the portrayal of International Brigaders Frank Ryan and Jack Jones in the book's final chapter.


Tickets for the IBMT's annual Len Crome Memorial Conference are now available: Was the Spanish Republic worth dying for? Paul Preston in conversation with Helen Graham.


The Executive Committee has agreed that the IBMT’s postponed 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held online at 11am on Saturday 20 March 2021.

Marlene Sidaway at annual commemoration

A new year message from IBMT President Marlene Sidaway...

Ken Loach's Land and Freedom

IBMT member Tom Sibley has sent in this response to Ken Loach’s exclusive article in ¡No Pasarán! 3-2020, which was a retrospective on his award-winning Spanish Civil War film 25 years on. 


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